On to the next one. 

January has nearly passed in a blur, it’s been a busy one for me. I’ve had the 60th birthday of my lovely mum, who seems to get really down at the thought of her birthday being a milestone one. I remember her being the same for her 50th. She referred to this one as the thirtieth anniversary of her being thirty! Over the years we’ve had some funny ones- she’s been thirty eleven and forty twelve! So I’ve had to find an appropriate present…although I learned my lesson when she was fifty and went for something practical this time! My idea 10 years ago seemed like such a good one, so I did a family collection so we could get a better present, my idea was to send her away for a few days. I bought the ticket and booked a hotel and actually thought it was a great present…until mum received it! My logical mother could see no joy at being sent, alone, to Mallorca for 3 nights in the middle of a very cold February…well it would be warm there, wouldn’t it?!  I opted for a nice warm Parka jacket this year. 

I’ve spent most evenings looking at flights for the 6 of us to America. We had some travel certificates to use, as our flight was overbooked on the return leg of our journey last November. It seems that it isn’t as great as we thought. We had sort of decided that we would have a villa holiday in the med sharing with a couple of families. Now, I love my cruises but for all of us it can be fairly costly so this was a good option. We were told we could use our vouchers for any partner airlines, except when we tried it wouldn’t allow us. After a lengthy call to customer service and being told they can do nothing, it seems we are now going to the U.S. Maybe I should price up some U.S cruises. 


Post Christmas blues. 

January blues are in full force today! Back to work and school this week, the weather being very unkind and me wishing we were a million miles away. Cue daydreaming about a cruise I said we are ‘definitely not going’ on this year. Yes I would love to book (and wish I had the funds to do so), but having only come back from the last one in November (I know how lucky we are) and having to pay out for the children’s trips-one to Malta and one to Belfast, it’s not looking very likely…or is it? I’ve now found myself trying to sneakily organise a few days just for me and the husband-but would I feel too guilty? Is it acceptable for us to have 4/5 days away from the children? I think by me asking this question I’m either talking myself out of it or trying to justify it. 

Are there many people who holiday without their children? I know of only 2 couples that have done this (maybe I just don’t know enough people).

 Part of me thinks we’ll have plenty of opportunity when they get older but the part of me that’s trying to justify it is thinking we could do this. I’ll keep you updated.